IM Web Services


IM Web Services allows quick integrate of Yahoo/ICQ/AIM/Jabber/GTalk feature into any applications across multiple platforms, systems and even across businesses. IM Web Services is standards with SOAP and WSDL will enable system-to-system communication that is easier and cheaper than ever SDK before.


  • [Yahoo/ICQ/AIM/Jabber/GTalk] Send and receive instant messages(Unicode supported) to and from other public IM client via IM Server
  • [Yahoo/ICQ/AIM/Jabber/GTalk] Change IM account status
  • [Yahoo/ICQ/AIM/Jabber/GTalk] Change IM account nickname
  • [Yahoo/ICQ/AIM/Jabber/GTalk] Add and remove other client from contact, Allow and block lists
  • [Yahoo/ICQ/AIM/Jabber/GTalk] List,add,remove and modify group
  • [MSN] Messenger IM Control & Presence supported
  • [MSN] Set avatar images
  • [MSN] Send and Receive Shake message
  • [MSN] Personal message supported

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